Quality Policy and Commitment

At Chop!Chop!, we are committed to deliver quality products and services that are worthy of our customers’ trust. Our commitment to continual quality improvement and customer satisfaction is an essential ingredient within our corporate culture and values.

Chop!Chop! is committed to maintaining good business integrity through the following practices:-

1.       We provide a clean and relaxing environment

Situated in the heart of the Central Business District, Chop!Chop! provides an idyllic escape for busy working professionals (male and female), looking for respite from the urban jungle.

The concept of Chop!Chop! is to provide a clean and relaxing environment for customers seeking an express massage. As such, the space is kept simple and fuss-free. Since Chop!Chop! caters to both male and female customers, each customer is ensured privacy through the use of curtains separating each area.

Chop!Chop! has a cleaning and maintenance system in place to ensure the provision of a clean and hygienic environment. This system is reviewed periodically to ensure compliance and improvements to the system.

2.       We provide professional and experienced therapists to service customers

Chop!Chop! has a well-qualified team of massage therapists. Our therapists are carefully screened through a selection process.  All our therapists have the relevant experience and/or certification in massage therapy services.

Our service credo is to:-

  • Understand the customer’s needs and cater the massage to these needs accordingly
  • Serve our customers in a courteous and professional manner
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Value our customers’ feedback and show our appreciation to them
  • Ensure that all Chop!Chop! staff maintain high standards of quality in everything they do
  • Evaluate our procedures on a regular basis for the purpose of continuous improvement

3.       We welcome feedback

Chop!Chop! believes in continual improvement and satisfying customer needs in everything we do. As such, feedback is important to us. All feedback is welcome through the various communication channels available.

Complaint Management Procedures
We treat any complaint as important feedback to us and have a system and procedures to tackle these issues.

For any complaint or grievance - whether it is verbally lodged; or by letter; fax or email, we will document the nature of complaint and give an interim acknowledgement that the matter is being investigated. The Management will acknowledge the complaint within one (1) working day.

The Management will be required to conduct the necessary investigation to establish the circumstance and facts of the case. The Management will then offer a solution not later than twenty-one (21) working days to the customer. If the customer accepts the solution, no further action will be pursued except to record and file the proceeding for completed action.

If the customer declines the solution offered by the Management, Chop!Chop! will suggest that the matter be referred for third party mediation, i.e. Case Mediation Centre, for a resolution as an alternative to legal action/proceedings.

Proceedings from the beginning to end of a complaint are recorded in our Complaint Log and the complainant will be kept informed of the status during the entire proceeding.

4.       We only retail established and reputable products

Our products sold are sourced directly from established and reputable manufacturers.

HotBods (Australia) - one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of natural grain therapy heatpacks and coolpacks.

Harmony Cone (USA) - handcrafted premium holistic ear candles with patented safety tips

100% Pure (USA) - Organic natural bath and body products, healthy food for the skin with no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or other unhealthy toxins.

5.       We possess a proper sales and exchange policy

All prices displayed by Chop!Chop! on the service/pricelist are final. Any discounts/promotions would be communicated through promotion materials, which would be clearly displayed at the shop. Chop!Chop! is not a GST-registered company and all prices displayed are nett prices.

As Chop!Chop! adopts a no-selling policy, we do not engage in any hard-sell tactics. Customers are free to choose any service and therapist (subject to availability) they prefer. Moreover, since staff does not receive any commission for the sale of products or membership packages, customers can be assured that they will not be pressured into purchases.

Customers are allowed seven (7) working days from the purchase of the membership package, to seek a full refund of payment made (less payment for any utilised service) if they do not wish to proceed with the services offered.

Ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied is of the utmost importance to us. If the customers are in any way dissatisfied with the product(s) purchased, Chop!Chop! will happily organise an exchange, so long as the following conditions are met:

For faulty goods: We will replace any faulty products at our cost within seven (7) working days of purchase (unless the fault is due to misuse, normal wear & tear or modification to the product). Before returning any product, please advise us of the problem. 

For goods that customers are not satisfied with: Within three (3) working days of the purchase, we will exchange the product, provided the product is returned to us in as-new, saleable condition. For exchange of products, customers would have to top-up for the difference in value, if any. No refund is provided if the value of the exchanged product is less than the value of the purchased product.

6.       We keep customer’s records strictly confidential

We are committed to ensure the privacy of personal information by introducing appropriate practices.

All personal data is collected and kept solely by Chop!Chop!. Chop!Chop! will not sell, share, or rent this information to others. However, we reserve the right to use this information for the purposes of keeping customers informed of important notices, promotions and gathering feedback regarding our products and services, unless customers have advised us that they do not wish to receive this form of marketing.